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A Christmas gift of a guest. Leslie Anne Wade led CBS Sports as their Senior Vice President of Communications and PR. One of the first female storytellers in sports, and in this interview she opens up about the amazing times she and her contemporaries had paving the way for the future of sports broadcasting. In 2010, she started her own successful media management company and continues to innovate today. Her ability to capture an audience is just infectious. Listening to her describe coverage of the Superbowl, Masters, Final Four, Olympics and a plethora of others makes for some great interview entertainment. Enjoy this holiday treat!

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December 18, 2020

Moving in Stereo - #140

John Ourand is the Media Reporter for the Sports Business Journal. An amazing resource for all things we watch and experience in sports. With so many questions circling around the golf world going into 2021, who better to come on air and help us prepare? Why did the Golf Channel move? Where will we see the PGA Tour next? What else can we look forward to as fans? There's so many mysteries and if anybody can help us with the answers, it's John. Tune in for a really interesting look at 2020 and into 2021...

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December 11, 2020

Survivor - #139

The biggest event in women's golf is organized and run by the USGA. The 75th Women's US Open this week in Houston, TX is the center of attention in the golf world. To describe the impact this event is having, we are joined by Craig Annis, the Chief Brand Officer of the USGA. The man behind the message, Craig and Keith discuss why these women are worth watching and what it means to our golf ecosystem as we close 2020. It's a super interesting discussion and I have more than a feeling if you listen to this episode you'll be watching the tournament before the weekend is over. 

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December 4, 2020

Drops of Jupiter - #138

The Golf Channel has been an amazing success story for 25 years and counting... That success has been strongly dependent upon great leaders and great storytellers. Todd Lewis joined that team in 2008 and is definitely one of their best on air talents. He accompanies Keith this week and together they discuss his tremendous work ethic, career-life balance and Tiger's glutes. Tune in and download this week's episode. The entertainment level is high as they feed off one another in this amazing interview. Did we mention... there will be more singing this week! 

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